The mission of CTBA & Texas Twins Baseball is to help instill in baseball players a strong work ethic, to inspire in them an appreciation for the game of baseball, to help them develop mentally, physically, and mechanically, and to prepare them to play at the next level of baseball, whether it be high school, college or professional.
Dustin - Gatesville, TX 
"When our son approached us wanting to continue playing baseball when our city league was over, we didn't know where to start.....We knew we wanted to see him continue to play in an environment that would foster his love for the sport, and his growth in the game.  We found that place with Coach Jonathan Farrow, the Texas Twins, and the Central Texas Baseball Academy.  We are blessed to find our son in an organization committed to fundamental core values that will not only serve his needs as a young baseball player, but also learning principles he will apply in all phases of his life.  His growth and development in his knowledge and skills for the game have been immeasurable, and even more importantly, the relationships with his teammates and coaches are priceless.  Choosing the Texas Twins, Coach Farrow, and the Central Texas Baseball Academy is one of the best decisions we've ever made for our son.  Coach Farrow's style and personality helps create a special bond with his players and parents that is full of trust, respect, and frankly, a lot of fun.  We love watching our son smile, laugh, and truly love learning and playing the sport he loves so much."
Julie & Mike - Mcgregor, TX 

"Our son had played league ball for 8 seasons since he was 4 years old.  In the fall of 2017, some friends told us about the Texas Twins organization.  Our son made the team and has been with the organization since that time.  His confidence and skills have greatly improved.  Jonathan Farrow is an extremely astute coach in all aspects of the game.  His attention to detail allows him to improve a player’s hitting, fielding, and base running.  Coach Farrow’s passion for the game transcends to his players.  He instills discipline and integrity while simultaneously creating both a fun environment and desire to win." 

Amber - Waco, TX 
 “Tired of paying out of this world prices just so your son can get top of the line coaching? We were too! Our son has played for some of the “best” teams in this area and the prices came with that. Our son has made more progress and gotten one on one coaching from Jonathan Farrow for a year now. Prices are reasonable for those that struggle or have more than one kid playing. “Daddy ball” is taking over the area with more teams popping up, more teams are popping up that says they coach the “next level” players, but in our experience if you want “next level” then you clearly don’t have a clue what it takes to get there. These teams brag about their next level coaching when in reality they are just trying to get your kids to come fill a team and making thousands of dollars. If you are new to Select Baseball, do research and ask other parents questions. Don’t rely just on what someone from an organization says. They will do and say anything to get your business. This level of baseball should just be about teaching the fundamentals of the game, learning respect, and having fun. Texas Twins teaches just that! Our boys work hard and earn every thing they receive. You have the patience of a saint! Thank you for putting the smile back on my kid, giving him the confidence he needed, and letting him make decisions but guiding him at the same time. We look forward to our future with the Twins!”
Troy - Midway, TX 

"I have two boys (16 and 9) that have been going to Coach Farrow for several years. He’s not only great at teaching the fundamental and advanced hitting techniques but also the mental approach to hitting. He’s really connected with both of my sons! Thank you for all your help,  Coach!"

Angie & Leo - Academy, TX 

"Before we started with Coach Farrow we were looking for coaching that would help with not only skills to be successful in the game of baseball but also skills that would transcend into everyday life. Our son had the drive and the determination but we were looking for someone that could take him to the next level and provide instruction that would help him succeed. So when we went to our first lesson we were not really sure what to expect.  Our son is very quiet and takes a while to warm up to his coaches however Coach Farrow and him had an immediate connection.  He was very patient, understanding and used non verbal cues to assist him.


What we actually came away with was a totally new way of looking at baseball instruction. He helped our son set goals and achieve them.  Our son works very hard however Coach Farrow is there pushing him every step of the way, he expects him to give 110% every time and will not allow him to give less.  We have now played on Coach Farrow's team since he first began in 2017.  We have not only witnessed changes in our son but also changes in his teammates.  Coach Farrow has made the adjustments necessary to create a successful program, successful players and happy parents. 

Our son struggled with low confidence on other teams due to experiences from past coaches. We now realize that the right coach will not only encourage your son, hold him accountable and still have the patience to explain how mistakes are made but can be learned from as well.  This has helped with our son's confidence in a range of different situations not just related to baseball.

But the positive impact on my family and relationships has been the biggest surprise for me. We have created friendships with other like minded parents looking not just for a win but wanting the team to learn in the process.  Which in turn has created a successful environment for all the players.I found that coaching is a partnership where the goals, ideas, problems, solutions and ultimately the action comes from our son however Coach Farrow provides the guidance and challenge to ensure his success.

It has been an amazing journey. We feel we have provided our son with the tools and the positive attitude to carry forward any goals he sets by allowing him the opportunity to not only be a member of the Texas Twins organization but also work one on one with Coach Farrow. We cannot thank Coach Farrow enough for all the time and energy he has dedicated to our family and our son's success."

Sabrina - Robinson, TX 

"Jonathan is a great coach.  He is patient, kind and most importantly honest with his players.  He also takes the time to study and research your child/player to ensure he is giving them the best coaching and guidance possible.  He has made a life long connection with my son which I very much appreciate."

Michael - Temple, TX 

"I am a firm believer that that coaches/ instructors our mentors and role models to our youth. If you are looking for someone to teach or coach your son Jonathan is your guy. He is incredibly knowledgeable with baseball and can take your son to the next level no matter what level he is at. He is the ultimate hitting, fielding, and pitching coach and has been for my son for years. Our son would not be the player he is today without him I have no doubt!" 

Anthony - Belton, TX 

"The passion and energy Jonathan brings to his coaching and lessons is second to none! He works extremely hard to get the very best out of each player on and off the field and I can't thank him enough for what he has done for my son. He has a special talent on how to get information across to players both young and old and we will never stop getting instruction from him. Thank you Coach Farrow. 

Crystal - Copperas Cove, TX 

"Our son has been a part of Texas Twins Baseball Club for 3 seasons now. We highly recommend this baseball program to any player who is serious about developing as an elite baseball player. Coach Farrow and his staff do a first-class job of instructing, teaching, and developing players through high level practices and game competition. Our son has gone from “liking” the game of baseball (since he was 4) to loving, respecting and being passionate about the game. Coach Jonathan and staff work hard to get the best results out of their players and give them the confidence, respect and loyalty to push them to be their best! This is a great training ground and stepping stone to develop players and prepare them for success at higher levels of baseball.  You cannot get a better youth baseball experience than the Texas Twins Baseball Club. Thank you for all you do for our Twin’s Family!!! " 

Mysti - Temple, TX 

"Coach Farrow has an unprecedented ability to work with all ages. My son started with him when he was 7 years old and has learned what the game is about and how to be a true player. Coach Farrow can see the ability a child possesses at an early age. With his guidance and batting lessons my son has grown to be a good ball player and won his first home run derby last fall at age 8. He walks on the field with confidence and courage because he believes in himself and what Coach Farrow has taught him. The facilities and staff are second to none in Bell County. Exemplifying coaching at its finest by developing kids into great players while keeping the fundamentals of the game at the core of lessons. The passion for the game is present at each lesson and Coach Farrow instills a true love for the game in my child while pushing him to excel and be the best athlete he can be. We look forward to many more years with him! 

Steven - Cameron, TX 

"We are glad to be a part of Texas Twins Baseball! The boys absolutely love it. They wear their twins hat everywhere they go and are always quick to represent their teams!  This has been HUGE for our boys. They have learned so much and it has been a big confidence and skill booster for them. "